ideation realization.

This time last year, RWFF was not even a conceived dream, an unborn offspring yet to find the spark to ignite its explosive maturity. I don't think I was even acquainted with Olivia yet last September, but we were both making quiet noise in the Milwaukee Riverwest music scene, valuing and supporting the strong females that inspired our creative energy and output.

Some singular ideas alter the course of history, and yet some ideas turn into nothing at all. I have so many potential songs on my iPhone, recorded on long commutes home, stuck traffic, my mind begging for creative stimulation. Or the ideas that come to me in the shower, then immediately flush down the drain, never to reach fruition. Or those ideas that flutter hazily on the brink of sleep, but I'm too tired to write them down, or better yet, sleep when I'm dead and turn an idea into actuality.

I am so thankful that RWFF was not just a brilliant, abondoned idea, but an actuality that was pulled together in the matter of weeks in its inaugeral year, filling an aching hole in our music community. I was fortunate to play RWFF 2015 in Fox Face, to be a part of a palpable energy radiating positivity and empowerment through our neighborhood and beyond. Now I get to be part of the realization, the planning for this year's RWFF, and I cannot feel more honored or humbled.

This 2nd year will be bigger. It will be expanded. It will incorporate additional causes, partners, artists, and hopefully additional attendees who seek to celebrate the impact the women within our own community have on us. We hope you will join us.

We are currently working diligently on fleshing out the details for this year's fest. Plans are evolving rapidly so please check back often. If you feel called, please get in touch to get involved, from artists to volunteers, to fundraising opportunities. We'd love to have you. This is no longer an idle idea, but a movement.




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